Brand Concept

The digital identity of a business should be a priority in any company today. Camaleón Studio, a graphic design and web development agency, wants to lead the digitization of its locality by synthesizing in its brand the most important aspects of this new technological era: simplicity and usability. Like a chameleon, your website adapts to any device offering your customers an excellent browsing experience.




Color Palette


C: 71 / M: 0 / Y: 76 / K: 0

R: 6 / G: 202 / B: 103



C: 69 / M: 60 / Y: 56 / K: 66

R: 51 / G: 51 / B: 51


Main Typography

Uses and Applications

Some examples of the use of the brand in digital media.

Final Notes

By using simple shapes and large images, we manage to generate a very visually rich experience. The image is imposed in our time on the text, so not only the message is important, but how it is transmitted and perceived. With the redesign of Camaleón Studio we have achieved that a company originally dedicated to the world of graphic printing now enjoys a fresh and modern air. Thanks to this change, this young company has great expectations to grow in the future.