Brand Concept

Glasses have ceased to be a necessity until they become one more fashion item. Every season the main brands launch new designs based on the latest trends. Karappapa is a brand concept focused on the female youth audience, fond of fashion and with a taste for exclusive and quality articles. Its light-hearted name, accompanied by a modern and minimalist design, perfectly connect with the target niche while allowing easy adaptation of the logo to digital media.


karappapa desarrolo de logo

Color Palette


C: 0 / M: 100 / Y: 63 / K: 0

R: 255 / G: 0 / B: 94



C: 83 / M: 81 / Y: 71 / K: 57

R: 39 / G: 39 / B: 39



Uses and Applications

Some examples of the use of the brand in advertising material.

Final Notes

Karappapa has the potential to become a popular brand in the fashion prescription eyewear market. By implementing a good digital marketing strategy, accompanied by the use of popular brand ambassadors, such as instagramers and tiktokers between the ages of 18 and 30, it can achieve high brand awareness in a relatively short period of time. An online store would be essential, given the public we are targeting, although we must not forget the use of well-positioned commercial premises.