rebrnd logo

Brand Concept

The gaming world has more and more followers. What started as a hobby of a few has become a mass phenomenon thanks to platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. ReBrnd emerges as a concept brand focused on professional esports players and their followers, offering fashion items and gaming products such as high-end headphones, keyboards and mouse. The use of social networks and the creation of audiovisual content are an essential part to achieve the success of the brand.


ReBrand lineas2
ReBrand lineas3


RB isotype1
RB isotype2

Color Palette


C: 96 / M: 78 / Y: 2 / K: 0

R: 26 / G: 79 / B: 162



C: 18 / M: 91 / Y: 0 / K: 0

R: 198 / G: 65 / B: 167



C: 84 / M: 83 / Y: 73 / K: 80

R: 0 / G: 0 / B: 0



C: 0 / M: 0 / Y: 0 / K: 0

R: 255 / G: 255 / B: 255



Final Notes

Technological culture is here to stay. The market niche is getting bigger and not many brands have yet chosen to target this audience. ReBrnd is designed to easily adapt to all types of physical and digital media. Creating a feeling of community is the key to achieving brand success, so it was essential to create a logo capable of supporting all kinds of applications beyond conventional products, since networks are the natural space of our target audience.